Price List 

Prices based upon services provided and size of home, including garage footage.

Up to 3000 sq. ft.                      295.00

3001-3500                                 335.00

3501-4000                                 365.00

Over 4000                                 (call for quote) 

Phase Inspections                   (call for quote)

Commercial Inspections         (call for quote) 

Additional Services 

Termite Inspection (WDI)         85.00      (With Inspection)

Termite Inspection (WDI)        125.00    (W/O Inspection) 

Sprinkler system                       25.00

Swimming Pool                         40.00

Spa                                            20.00

Pier and Beam Foundation      85.00

Pre-List Inspection (Verbal)    175.00

Pre-list Inspection (W/ report) 350.00

Septic System                          50.00

Thermal Imaging                     (call for quote)

Mold and Lead Testing          (call for quote) 

Delayed closing payments                      Some fees may be applied 

Some remote travel fees may apply. 

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